•Pre-Order• BLACK HOLE CHROME Nail Powder
•Pre-Order• BLACK HOLE CHROME Nail Powder

•Pre-Order• BLACK HOLE CHROME Nail Powder

Dana Nail Junkie & Company LLC

💥I am very excited to announce that I will have a limited amount of my new chrome powder available soon!💥
The product will start shipping out on or before the 27th of September!


.5g jar of velvety chrome powder with 1 applicator

✨This chrome is unlike any other! The colors range from dark purplish black to a red/black ombre. It’s so fun to look at and is absolutely stunning! This video, and these pictures do not even do it complete justice!

✨It takes a very very small amount to cover the nail. It goes on so velvety soft and is secure under one topcoat! Although I ALWAYS suggest double top coating chromes.

✨A small amount of this product is available NOW in the Halloween NAILFIX BOX. So if you’d like to try it out, and have been thinking of checking out NAILFIX, now is the time.🖤✨🖤



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