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**Standing appt. slots are currently full, and I cannot accept new clients at this time. updated 4-1-19**

**I am not offering gift certificates unless it is for a current standing appointment client.  Text or contact me through social media to purchase. 330-401-9675

**If you want to contact me about benefit donations, please email

The above is pertaining to Dana Cecil ONLY.


If you need to cancel/change an appointment, please do so with at least 24 hours notice. Last-minute cancellation(less than 24 hrs) will result in a payment of half your missed service minus tax. Payment will be required before any new appointment is booked. If there are continuous last second cancellations I reserve the right to refuse service and discontinue bookings. Deliberate No shows will NOT be tolerated.  I do send reminder texts the day before booked appointments(unless you are a standing appt.) but if for any reason you don't receive one you are still responsible for making your appointment on time and will be charged a fee as a *no show if you fail to do so OR are too late and the service can't be done at that time. Please contact me if you think you will be late. I cannot guarantee re-booking if your appointment is missed or canceled.  Excessive cancellations will be addressed if needed.

This should not affect my regular, reliable clients that make it to their appointments on time every time. Which I do appreciate so much! Thank you for understanding.

No Show fees are the FULL amount of the service booked, minus tax.  

No Shows will not be re-booked

**Dana ONLY books bi-weekly.  If you are a standing client wanting every 4 weeks, it's not OK to cancel every other appt.  It is HIGHLY noticeable, and not fair to me, or other clients who may want a standing appointment bi-weekly. 


As you know, I am fully aware of times when we have to bring the kiddos in, like snow-days etc., and I get that.  But please understand that I have a strict schedule, and do not schedule extra time for these impromptu moments.  It puts me behind for the rest of the day if I have to work under start & stop conditions. It also effects the quality of my work.

Your child must remain off of your lap during your service due to safety reasons, and also to maintain sanitary conditions, as well as a quality product.

Please do not bring in a young child(under 7)

If you need to bring a child under the age of 7, please bring another adult to watch over them.

If you bring your child(ren) 7 & up in, please do not use the waiting area as a lunchroom/playroom. There should be absolutely NO FOOD in the front window area. I take a lot of pride in having one of the most clean, serene salons in the area. The walk up feel to the salon should remain welcoming and appealing. The waiting area is strictly for clients/adult visitors to have a nice area to wait for their appointment. It is unfair to them to have to stand or sit in a non waiting area location if the actual waiting area is full with non service visitors. Children need to refrain from running through the salon or interrupting other clients’ services. If your child has any electronic devices, we just ask that they keep the volume low. Most clients are there to enjoy their “me time” and relax. We are more than happy to give you options for seating for your child if need be. Just ask. We all love kids, but the reality is that kids don’t want to sit at the salon, and we want to keep a chic environment for the clients that come here for just that reason.  


I only schedule bi-weekly appts. Your nails are an investment and need to be maintained. When your nails grow, so does the support and reinforcement I build. If left too long, lifting or breakage may occur. Please take my professional opinion seriously when I tell you how long you can go in between.If you need to cancel, and happen to go 4 weeks in between a charge of $5 will occur at your next appt.


I schedule 1.5 hrs for a gel manicure. I schedule 1.5-2 hrs for acrylic fills.  A full set is scheduled for 2.5-3 hrs.
All times can vary and typically are done sooner.  For acrylic appointments ONLY: If your time exceeds the amount of time allotted, I will begin an hourly fee of $20. My schedule is tight, and I don't have a lot of time to figure out designs.  The prep work that's done at the beginning of any nail service is enough time to figure out color choices, and designs.  I will gladly suggest ideas if needed.


I only see your nails for a few hours a month. The rest of the time they are your responsibility.  Since I can't be there at all times to keep an eye on how you are treating your hands, I cannot be responsible for damage to your nails once you leave. Most clients don't have issues, but if for any reason you do, you need to come in, show me your nails, and we can fix any problems if you wish.  DO NOT use your nails as tools.  Always use gloves when cleaning, and gardening.  Use cuticle oils, and hand cream often (no mineral oil, as it will lift acrylic).  This will help to maintain your manicure.  I have cuticle oil, and hand scrubs available for purchase upon asking.  All made with the best natural ingredients.  Try to refrain from gluing any nails back on that have been broken off. You can trap moisture and bacteria which can cause infection to where I will not be able to service you. I will refer you to see a Dr.


If you book online, or through a text, please make me aware of any nail/skin issues you have, including short, bitten nails, fungus, etc.  If I am not made aware of certain nail/skin issues beforehand, I have the right to refuse service and refer you to a Dr. if I feel it necessary.

Your nails are fragile and delicate and need more attention. Once they've grown even a bit, the strength I've put in grows out, and that gives you an unbalanced nail. You need to be committed, or it's a waste of time and money. So please decide if enhancements are something you would like to commit to before booking an appointment with me. If you book a full set with me at this point, please note that I cannot take you on as a regular client to bee seen bi-weekly. If I do not have any availability for you in two weeks, I will gladly find you someone inside, or outside of my salon.  

**$5.00 charge EACH for fixes in between appointments. 

**2 broken nail fixes are included in a fill.....any more then that is $5.00 each but if your missing more then 5 It will be a full set.  Fills coming in from another salon missing 4 or more will be full set price.

**If you come to me with another salon’s acrylic work, and I deem it not quality, I will offer to remove product for a $20 charge. At that point, you can get a new set, or wait for another available appt. as I may not have time for both soak off and set.

Policies marked with ** are for Dana ONLY - Please contact your tech to confirm all of their policies.


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